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Story of the Week, July 31, 2009, Angel in the Army

Dennis Fredrickson of Culver City, California, was drafted into the military during the Vietnam War, and like many servicemen and women, he believes in small miracles. When you’ve come that close to death, veterans say, it’s easy to recognize the hand of God. In fact, Dennis believes that the first miracle he received during this […]

Book Excerpt: Moms Go Where Angels Fear to Tread

“The first party I ever threw as a newlywed was so dull that even my husband left….” Bright primary colors stimulate an infant’s intelligence, and the design on his crib sheet may determine if he is accepted into the college of his choice…” “Betsy is MY car and I’m planning to deduct her on my […]

Story of the Week, July 18 2009 Vision of Deirdre

Hello, angel lovers.  Hope you are having a relaxed July.  For a heavenly hug, click on this link:  Perhaps it will remind you of a certain song? And here’s our story: Deirdre Mary McCormick, of Santa Rosa, California, was the fifth of ten children.  She had long curly brown hair, green eyes and a […]

Review of “Angels and Demons” movie

I hesitated to review the movie Angels and Demons for I hadn’t read the book; I hadn’t even read author Dan Brown’s wildly popular The Da Vinci Code, nor seen the film based on it. Given this lack of background, I wondered if it would be unwise to review the new Angels and Demons […]

Story of the Week July 3 2009, Give it to God

Hello, friends.  Hope you are enjoying the arrival of summer. Just a couple of announcements: –For those of you who have been thinking about writing to Extreme Makeovers to submit JoAnn Cayce’s name for a new roof for their gym, here is how you do that: Go to and click on the right-hand side […]