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The Feast of the Guardian Angels

After Jesus ascended into heaven, the early church in Rome wrote many pages about His teachings on angels, and selected September 29 as a day to honor Michael the Archangel. (Later, the honor was given to all the Archangels.) The feast proved to be very popular, and in 813, in one of the church’s first […]

Story of the Week, September 18 2010, Women in White

Hello, friends. It’s a short but sweet story this week. The Sisters of the Third Order of St Francis enjoy telling people about some of the miracles that graced them when they first began their mission. In a little pamphlet, recently published, they share a few: A contagious disease broke out in Peoria IL (where […]

Story of the Week, September 3 2010, Man on the Hill

John White had moved west to Kingman, Arizona, where he was the general sales manager at a Ford dealership. “Sometimes I drove trade-ins home at night to see if we wanted to keep them for resale,” John says. He lived in Bullhead City, and not only had to travel a rather dangerous stretch on a […]