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Where Angels Walk, Feb 24, 2012, Youtube

Usually I send my messages in text (printed). But recently one of my favorite subscribers, Gil Bar-On sent me an awesome story which had been posted on I would not want any of you to miss this story, so I am sending it via the Internet (just click on the link below to retrieve […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, Feb 18, 2012, Extraordinary!

Lisa Gallagher’s father was a diplomat, so she had logged many travel miles. When she was ten, her father announced that the family would be moving to Africa, stopping in Paris for a few days of sightseeing. Lisa was thrilled—Paris was such a beautiful place! But one evening as the family strolled the Champs ELycee, […]

Where Angels Walk, Feb 10, 2012, Considerate Carpenter

Hello, angel lovers. Time for another story about angels, God’s messengers. You may remember that I am cleaning my shelves by offering copies of my books published in other languages. This week, we have —Quand Les Miracles Arrivent (WHERE MIRACLES HAPPEN), French, $15 which includes U.S. postage, and —Enkelien ihme (WHERE ANGELS WALK), Finnish, $15 […]

Where Angels Walk, February 4, 2012, Response to Lorna Byrne’s article

Hello, angel lovers! This week I am offering KDE TANCI ANDELE in Checz (WHERE ANGELS WALK). This edition has a really cute cover, $15 which includes postage. Portuguese: POR ONDE CAMINHAM OS ANJOS (WHERE ANGELS WALK) A crease in the front cover. $15 includes postage Last week I printed an essay that angel author Lorna […]