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WHERE ANGELS WALK, BY Joan Wester Anderson, April14 2012

We will probably never know how many disasters are averted because of the prayers of children. But because their faith is so pure, (and Scripture says their angels ‘always see the face of the Father in heaven) wonderful things can happen. Nancee Donavan agrees. One morning, her second-grade daughter, Rebecca Lynn, was supposed to bring […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, April 21 2012

Hello, angel-lovers. —Recently a nice lady wrote to ask if we had heard about “pillowcase dresses.” She had made 50(!) and sent them to African girls, but was planning to send the next batch to the girls in Thornton, Arkansas. You need pillowcases (used ones at Goodwill, etc,) thread and some sewing ability, (which lets […]

Have a blessed and glorious Easter, and I will meet you next weekend.

Marti Stafford is a Licensed Practical nurse, and has three natural children and two stepchildren. Life has been a struggle primarily against poverty, but Marti has kept her faith and recently things had begun to change. Then in January, Marti became ill with a “mystery disease,” not too many symptoms but enough that she missed […]