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Where Angels Walk, May 27 2012. Not a Hero

Hello, friends. This week I was talking to Joannie Cayce, one of our earth angels. For those of you who are new to this list, we try to make the world a gentler place by relieving the burdens that people carry. For many years some of us have sent clothes, toys and other necessities to […]

Story of the Week, May 19, 2012. Pardon Me!

Years ago I remember speaking with a mother of six children. She told me that she had been a guardian angel believer right from the beginning, and although technically there were eight people in the family, there were really sixteen beings. This mother often reminded the kids that their angels were nearby, and so the […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, May 12, 2012, Joan Wester Anderson

Hello, friends. Today’s story is short, but hopefully sweet.. Barbara was 25, traveling by herself through Italy. She had grown up in Colorado Springs, Colorado and despite the differences in travel was managing the challenges that European trains bring. She had just come down from Brussels — “I’d flown there because the fares were much […]

Joan Wester Anderson, May 5, 2012, Mysterious

Ephraim T. Echano wants to share the story of a Filipina lady who walks by faith, and loves God with all her strength. “I tell this story not to boast,” says Ephraim, “but to strengthen everyone’s faith in God and to know that He is with us in our everyday life ready to help us […]

Book Excerpt Angel Watch

“Dale’s father had been gone for more than a month when Dale went to bed one night. He lay in the darkness with that familiar hurt feeling in his stomach. Was he ever going to see his dad again? “Just then, Dale saw something glowing in the corner of his room. He sat straight up […]

Book Excerpt Mom Best

“Walk?” I stared as if he were speaking in tongues. “I do walk.” “From the laundry room to the kitchen.” Son rolled his eyes. “I’m talking outside, Mom, that space between the back door and the car. You know, the rest of the world—trees, sidewalks, barking dogs.” This was the longest conversation I recalled having […]