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An Angel to Watch Over Me
“Dale’s father had been gone for more than a month when Dale went to bed one night. He lay in the darkness with that familiar hurt feeling in his stomach. Was he ever going to see his dad again?
“Just then, Dale saw something glowing in the corner of his room. He sat straight up in bed. As he watched, the glow became larger and more radiant. Dale saw something in the center; it was the figure of a woman, but not just any woman. She looked like the pictures in a book he’d read about angels!”

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I have “Where Angels Walk” and “In the Arms of Angels”. I”m reading them for the second time. They’re wonderful. I’m delighted to find this website and will tune in often to read further angel tales. I also have a small angel collection…not a lot, but one or two in each room of my house. I like to believe that they’re with me. Many, many thanks for bringing all of this to us.

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