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WHERE ANGELS WALK, July 21 2012, From the Best of Joan

Time for our weekly angel story. This one appears in my new ebook, “Angels, Miracles and Heaven on Earth; The Best of Joan Wester Anderson.” “When I was in my twenties,” writes Virginia, “I had three little girls, and one on the way. I had gone to visit my mother, and stayed until mid-afternoon.” By […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK. July 17, 2012, A Shortie

When I began collecting angel stories over twenty years ago, one of the contributors I met was Bob Lessnau from the Detroit area. I wouldn’t dream of sharing his story and spoiling the suspense, but during the next years, Bob often commented on material I used or came up with an idea our members might […]

Dress Rehearsal, from An Angel to Watch Over Me

DRESS REHEARSAL The angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. —George Elliot Twelve-year-old Dolores and her family were moving to a unique house in San Antonio, Texas. It was L- shaped, and the smaller wing contained just two rooms: a recreation room with sliding glass doors that led […]