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Hello, angel friends. Just a reminder that International Be an Angel Day is, as always, on August 22nd. Think about something lovely (and hopefully anonymous) that you can do for a friend, neighbor or even a stranger. Then do it! And watch how your world changes, even just a little. And now here’s out story: […]

Where Angels Walk, August 11, 2012, PaPa, Papa!

Frank SanGregory of Tiffin, Ohio, was getting ready for work. He was on the afternoon shift so although his daughter Theresa and his almost-two-year-old grandson, Josh, were finishing lunch downstairs in the kitchen with Grandma, Frank had gone upstairs to shave. There was a large window at the top of the staircase, and right in […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, August 4, 2012, New Life

Kim Wencl lost her 20-year old daughter, Elizabeth, several years ago. Elizabeth was a student at the University of Minnesota and a fire broke out in her duplex. She and two of her roommates died of smoke inhalation. Losing a child at any age is probably the most devastating blow that anyone can experience, and […]