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Where Angels Walk, Sept 29.2012. Who Was There?

Hello, friends. . Our angels watch over us in any situation—but perhaps our men and women in uniform deserve extra help. Brian Stack is one of them. A former fulltime police officer, Brian was on duty one night, riding his motorcycle, when he spotted a car whose driver was doing something illegal. There were two […]

Where Angels Walk, Joan Wester Anderson, Sept 21,2012

Hello friends. As promised, a quick recap of the Back to School project for our families in Thornton, Arkansas. The Cayces received school clothes and boxes of food (the Cayces can buy surplus, when available, for 18 cents a pound), and a lot of shoes. Oddly, they did not receive enough school supplies which is […]


Jim Snyder would consider himself an ordinary man living an ordinary life, surely not one that involves angel sightings. But when his young wife died of pancreatic cancer, Jim was devastated by her loss. He tried to hold everything together and deal with his grief. But as months passed and Jim’s heartache continued, “I began […]

Where Angels Walk,September 9,2012,

Hi, friends. Here is a new story: I met Mary Ann Wickman several years ago. She works in a healing ministry,and is a good friend of the angels. Recently she was at Lambert St. Louis Airport flying back to Boston after a very fruitful weekend. “We had given a healing retreat at Our Sorrowful Mother’s […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, September 3 2012,

Hello, friends. Hope you are enjoying the last remnants of summer. Here is a shortie: There is a story told by a pediatric nurse serving in Danzig in 1945, after Russian troops had overrun many German towns. Local women were being abused, and nights were filled with terror. Nurses gathered as many women and children […]