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Where Angels Walk, Oct 27, The Right Time

Hello, friends. I came across a touching quote last week: St Vincent de Paul once said that “people who work with the poor will not be afraid at the time of their deaths. “I guess it”s just a gift of peace God gives those who care for the least of His children. And here’s our […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, October 16, 2012, Angel on the Road

Hello, friends. I am either very early or very late with our story, but I know you will put up with it! As you know, I was also taking a roll call to see how many people actually read this newsletter. I did this because I use a mailing list to send the story out […]

Where Angels Walk, Oct 7, 2012, Life in Thornton

Hello, friends. Help!…is anyone Out There an Ebay seller? I used to be, but I can no longer remember how to get the photographs from inside of the camera to the Ebay site. Ditto Craig’s list. I have a wonderful earth angel who helps me frequently, but he does not specialize in Ebay. People find […]