Where Angels Walk; Changes?

Floods, fires, destruction of buildings, mud everywhere¦.to the people of the eastern seaboard, last week must have seemed like the end of the world. “Where were the angels?” many no doubt wondered. But of course, the angels were right there, as they always are, during times of disasters. The more apt question would be “Why didn’t the angels act to stop the devastation?”

For this question, I have no answer. The angels are God’s servants, not ours, so they would not be attempting to over-ride His authority. Instead, they would offer comfort or—in many cases——rescues. And yet it is hard to ignore certain signs. There seem to be an increasing number of natural disasters, frequently overlapping one another. Material things seem to be what are destroyed, rather than an expected loss of life. I notice also that those who have lost the most in tornadoes or droughts seem to be the most grateful. They are not too timid to publicly thank God for what has been spared.

Do you think there is any connection between natural disasters and spiritual behavior?

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