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WHERE ANGELS WALK, January 20 2013,

While living in Turkey, Madeline Cornett and her husband began to visit a Protestant church on Sundays. “I attended with people from an American Air Force base,” she says. “The church was in Iskenderun, and when the Turkish congregation saw us arriving each week, they would break into songs that we knew. They sang in […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, January 8 2013

THIS IS THE DAY Lou Berry loves to fish and duck hunt. He will go regardless of weather, and he would probably prefer either to eating, says his wife Nell. Lou also takes an interest in teenagers. He has been a Baptist camp counseler, and spent several years teaching a pair of young brothers to […]

Joan’s New Book: “Angelic Tails”

Hello, friends. We’re resuming our angel stories after a few weeks of overwork. If you received a Nook or Kindle, I can help you with books to read. Start with ANGELS, MIRACLES and HEAVEN ON EARTH and see where you’d like to go from there. Lou Berry’s story also appears in this new book. THIS […]

Quick reminder about Loretta Young

Hello, friends. Last night I stumbled into Turner Movie Channel (TMC) ‘s presentation of Platinum Blonde, a movie made in 1931 (did they have sound then?  ) featuring actress Loretta Young, whose biography (FOREVER YOUNG) I wrote in 2000. It was wonderful to see her in an old movie, and to be reminded that […]