Today, people crave and believe in miracles more than ever before. Joan Wester Anderson inspires and fascinates readers with stories of mysterious rescues, celestial visions, unexpected healings, inexplicable protection, and many other signs and wonders.

Mysterious forces save a mountain climber lost in a blizzard. An illiterate carpenter finds himself able to read. A band of angels frees a little girl from her violent father. An eloquent preacher, his vocal chords rendered useless by scar tissues, suddenly –in the presence of a large congregation– regains his voice. Such wonderful, true stories of God’s presence in our lives light up Joan Wester Anderson’s accounts, bringing comfort to all who hear them.


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Many of you have asked me to make my Stories of the Week available in archives, so you can go back and read favorites, or send one to a friend. And now, it’s done! The stories you will find in the archives are not from any of the books offered here on the website, since that would involve another copyright situation. Instead, these are original stories that I wrote and sent to those on my subscriber list, finding them among my readers as well as through clipping services and newspaper articles. (I am still doing this, so if you’d like to join the mailing list, use the convenient sign up form)

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In the meantime, just check out whatever interests you, and please tell your friends. All of us need a place to go that will bring comfort, and remind us that God is as close as a whispered prayer.

“Thoughts from Joan” Category:

It occurred to me that some of you have been reading my material for many years B.A. (Before Angels) and might like to re-visit some essays. You can browse these items in the “Thoughts from Joan” category. It will include some Oldies but Goodies not associated with the angels (although I’m sure they were inspiring most of these pieces), as well as some family humor.

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