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As my bio states, I got my start writing humor articles for local newspapers. The experts all give beginners the same suggestion: Write about what you know. Weird music? Odd food preferences? An occasional toothless grin, captured during those midnight hours…and these were just the teenager phases. But I did (unfortunately) know about them. So the first book was born (Moms Go Where Angels Fear to Tread) and we laughed our way through it only to discover that there was far too many priceless situations that we had to leave out, due to (Husband’s observation) a lack of Proper Planning Ahead. Fortunately, the nice people here discovered lots of paper in their file cabinets, and I was able to finish the masterpiece, and am passing hugs around.
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Mom Knows Best
Yes, you’re right. This book is a little different than those in the angel/miracle series. The publishers at Guideposts Books wanted me to write a book on family life that would make Moms laugh and realize that in the midst of kids, animals, accident-prone husbands and dead plants, we can all make our homes a little piece of heaven. My reviewers (all Moms) have so far declared the
book “hysterical,” and we’re hoping you will agree. Send it to a mother you
love. Excerpts from Joan…
Years ago, I wrote a book about angels for children. The stories were easy to find (young children seem to have an affinity for heaven and its treasure) and for several years, An Angel to Watch Over Me, was a popular gift for graduations and First Communions. Eventually, however, parents expressed a wish for a book that they could read with their children, and so I went to work on a more mature version of “Angel to Watch…” This book has been updated, and ten new stories added, which makes it an even nicer gift than before.
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An Angel to Watch Over Me
Angelic Tales By 2010, our books had become a series of seven. Only WHERE ANGELS WALK was still with its original publisher. Loyola Press had scooped up the others (four reprints and a new one) and redesigned/updated/added material, and felt strongly that the public was still very much interested in angels. One of the editors asked if a book on heavenly dogs might be added to the series. My first thought was “Dogs? In a book about angels?”You’ll have to read the rest to see just what happened.
As interest in angels exploded across the country, I was inundated with letters from readers of WHERE ANGELS WALK. Some wanted to share their own angel stories, but others asked a compelling question: “I’ve never had an angel experience. Has God forgotten me?” God never forgets any of us. (And I believe everyone meets angels-even if we
don’t always recognize them!) But perhaps a book about the other ways God send His love to us–through healings, answered prayer, even changes in nature—would be a good idea. (Note: This book has recently been updated, with eight new stories added. Here’s one):
This is the book that started it all. I began collecting “angel stories” in 1989, after something awesome happened to one of my sons (see below). The stories were so compelling that I decided to put them into a book. Few books on angels had been written since the 1940’s, and I wondered how modern readers would react? Would they think such subject matter a bit…weird? Read excerpt …
My third book was titled WHERE WONDERS PREVAIL. It was a combination of angels and miracles, with some of the strongest stories available thus far, and definitely passed the goosebump test! But WWP had a rather short shelf life, going out of print around 1998. When I later became a Loyola Press author, the editors there decided to re-print WHERE WONDERS PREVAIL. It came out very recently, and has been given a new cover and a new title: ANGELS AND WONDERS. The goose-bumpy material, of course, is exactly the same.
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Full of stories of hope and comfort, as well as goosebumps; everything from a survivor of 9/11 who met a mysterious stranger to a little girl whose angel caught her when she fell out of a window. It was written because, although I have done many books on angels and miracles, after 9/11 I sensed a fear and apprehension within the country, as if all the beautiful and hopeful stories we had heard and exchanged about angelic protection during the ’90’s meant nothing. Perhaps God had even abandoned us. Yet my mailbox was filled with evidence of continued heavenly care. I wanted to share those happenings.
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This book is #7 in what turned out to be a series! It came about because my little Christmas book, Angels We Have Heard on High went out of print. The editors at Loyola Press thought the book had more life left in it, (and should be available all year ’round) and asked if I could use those stories and add more to develop a new book. I always have angel stories, and so, a new book was born, this time with an emphasis on prayer—the different kinds and how important it is.
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By now my mail reflected awesome events from all over the world. Although many readers sensed looming spiritual warfare, people in great numbers were traveling to far-off shrines, organizing local prayer vigils and paying closer attention to matters of heaven. Miracles were no longer considered to be the province of saints, but possible for anyone, if only we asked. These stories of bold interaction with God deserved an audience too.
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