Joan’s New Book: “Angelic Tails”

Hello, friends. We’re resuming our angel stories after a few weeks of overwork. If you received a Nook or Kindle, I can help you with books to read. Start with ANGELS, MIRACLES and HEAVEN ON EARTH and see where you’d like to go from there. Lou Berry’s story also appears in this new book. THIS […]

Story of the Week, June 10, 2011, Angel in her Lap

When does a hard fall feel like cotton?

Story of the Week, September 11, 2009 Remembering

—All through this day, 9/11/09, I have tried to come up with a theme for our angel newsletter due today.  It’s been difficult. —I had the honor and privilege of being able to interview the last survivor of the World Trade Center bombing, whose story ultimately appeared in my book, IN THE ARMS OF ANGELS.  […]

Story of the Week, August 28, 2009, Keeping Watch

Hello, angels.  Just wanted to update you on the little boy, Isaac Frank, who you all prayed for after he was seriously burned in an accident this summer.  Isaac’s story will appear in their diocesan newspaper this week, written by his mom and grandmom, and if you could see a recent photo of him, even […]

Story of the Week, July 18 2009 Vision of Deirdre

Hello, angel lovers.  Hope you are having a relaxed July.  For a heavenly hug, click on this link:  Perhaps it will remind you of a certain song? And here’s our story: Deirdre Mary McCormick, of Santa Rosa, California, was the fifth of ten children.  She had long curly brown hair, green eyes and a […]

Story of the Week 3/27/09

Hello, friends and angel-lovers.  Lent is almost over. Be sure to make Holy Week extra special by taking the time to read each version of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Pay attention to the angels and their special appearances during this holy time.  As we know, they are so much more than little cupids… […]

Story of the Week 3/13/09

Hello, angel friends.  Just wanted to remind you that with Easter approaching, our people in Arkansas (the JoAnn Cayce Charities) will once again be arranging an Easter egg hunt for the children there, if they receive anything to give away.  I always send some stuffed bunnies from summer garage sales, but if it’s too late […]

Rising Like Incense

It was twenty years ago and Joseph Homick was a novice in a Byzantine-rite Catholic monastery in Redwood Valley, California. His “obedience” that chilly autumn day was to chop down some heavy undergrowth in an area designated as a future building site. “We were extremely poor in those days,” says Joseph, “so for this task […]

On the Road

There are so many events that happen while we’re driving (the angels must be very busy on expressways) that I’d like to share two of them with you today. The first story came from a listener we’ll call Steve, on host Jack Pattie’s radio show (WVLK-AM in Lexington, KY) when Jack and I were discussing […]

Motorcycle Man

Brian Stack, a former full-time police officer (he’s part-time now). was on duty one night, riding his motorcycle, when he spotted a car whose driver committed a minor traffic offense. There were two men in the car. Brian turned on his siren and his red-and-blue lights, but unlike the routine stop he’d expected, the car […]