Angel Stories About Children

Book Excerpt Angel Watch

“Dale’s father had been gone for more than a month when Dale went to bed one night. He lay in the darkness with that familiar hurt feeling in his stomach. Was he ever going to see his dad again? “Just then, Dale saw something glowing in the corner of his room. He sat straight up […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, April 21 2012

Hello, angel-lovers. —Recently a nice lady wrote to ask if we had heard about “pillowcase dresses.” She had made 50(!) and sent them to African girls, but was planning to send the next batch to the girls in Thornton, Arkansas. You need pillowcases (used ones at Goodwill, etc,) thread and some sewing ability, (which lets […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, Jan 7 2012, Extra Angels?

—“I can’t stand to think what we and the poor would do without you,” wrote Joannie Cayce just a few days after Christmas. Once again, she and her extended family had managed to bring food, clothing and gifts to over 700 children in Thornton Arkansas, thanks in part to donors like you.  For those of […]

Story of the Week, December 18, Christmas Comes

Hello, angel lovers.  This is the last of our stories for 2009.  Is it my imagination, or did this year fly by?  We have a serious prayer need this year: our friends, the Cayces—who we help support in Thornton, Arkansas—have a son Daniel, who is himself an earth angel.  Many of us have watched him […]

Signals from Angels

Cathy Dailey writes to share her sister’s story about guardian angels, so appropriate for their Feast, celebrated each year on October 2nd. Cathy’s sister, Barbara, had tried for many years to become a mother. Despite some health difficulties, Barbara had had at least four procedures to help her get pregnant, but none had worked. She […]

Smiley Face

Susan Dess and her little son Adam shared a wonderful and unique relationship. When he was eighteen months old, Adam was diagnosed with a rare disease. “Our lives changed that day,” Susan recalls. “My husband, myself and our two other children began to live life with a new meaning of ‘normal’.” When it was time […]

Smoothing the Way

Julie Hill’s uncle died only two years after his wife’s death. Julie had visited him many times while he was grieving Then he developed brain cancer, and lost his battle with it shortly thereafter. “I was on my way to the funeral in Escondido, California when I experienced something extraordinary,” Julie says. The flight into […]

The Angel’s Recipe

We will probably never know how many disasters are averted because of the prayers of children. But because their faith is so pure, (and Scripture says their angels “always see the face of the Father in heaven”) wonderful things can happen. Nancee Donavan agrees. One morning, her second-grade daughter, Rebecca Lynn, was supposed to bring […]

Protection Guaranteed

Krysta’s cousin had been in an accident, and Krysta was distraught. Why did bad things happen to good people? she wondered. It is the age-old question. Just before Krysta’s cousin died, the family members with her saw her talking to someone. Krysta wondered if it had been an angel. “I didn’t know very much about […]

Pacifier and a Prayer

For years, Debi McCrea and her husband Mike had attempted to adopt an infant. Twice they’d almost signed papers, but arrangements had fallen through. Then in April 1993, they learned that a young pregnant woman had selected them to receive her baby. “We were thrilled, yet fearful of being disappointed again,” Debi recalls. Tentatively they […]