Angels in the News

Where Angels Walk, Feb 24, 2012, Youtube

Usually I send my messages in text (printed). But recently one of my favorite subscribers, Gil Bar-On sent me an awesome story which had been posted on I would not want any of you to miss this story, so I am sending it via the Internet (just click on the link below to retrieve […]


Hello, friends.  Have you noticed the remarkable story now becoming noticed by the major media?  The one about the Secret Santas (or maybe angels in disguise) who are paying off the layaway accounts of people they don’t even know?  The accounts have modest balances, but the families who have been gifted in this way are […]

Story of the Week, May 9, 2010, Hugs from Heaven

Do miracles happen today? The congregation at Living Water Tabernacle thinks they do.  The small congregation had planned a fish fry to celebrate their pastor’s birthday.  Brother Lee, had reminded everyone that the fish dinner was only for church members, and would start at 5 p.m.  By 7 pm, everyone would have finished eating, and […]

Story of the Week, March 12, 2010, Angel Collectors

As you know, I do an occasional blog for and I thought you might like to see this one. If you’ve already seen it, my apologies. I was working on my latest writing project, a book about angels, and having strong doubts. It was August, 1991, and there hadn’t been much national interest in […]

Review of “Angels and Demons” movie

I hesitated to review the movie Angels and Demons for I hadn’t read the book; I hadn’t even read author Dan Brown’s wildly popular The Da Vinci Code, nor seen the film based on it. Given this lack of background, I wondered if it would be unwise to review the new Angels and Demons […]

Story of the Week: 12/12/08

Hello, friends. Here’re some quick angel announcements, just to keep you going during this hectic season. —Ta-Da! I’m announcing the opening of my BLOG. Same email address: but it is easier to get around the site, you can leave comments, and we’ll be posting the Story of the Week (if I can figure that […]

Protection on the Bridge

Dave Kozachanko was the only one traveling under the Big Nickel Road Bridge when it collapsed shortly after ten a.m. on Friday May 7th, 2004. Andre Frichards, who drives across the bridge every day to get to work, had decided to detour and take another route. Five school buses full of children on a field […]