Book Excerpts

Book Excerpt: Angelic Tails

The little ball of dirty white fluff was apparently frolicking on the railroad tracks in Kerns, Utah that night when Fred Krause’s freight train approached. It’s the situation engineers dread most, and Fred and his conductor both froze. The two engines were pulling ten cars on a local run, and there wasn’t enough time to […]

Story of the Week, September 11, 2009 Remembering

—All through this day, 9/11/09, I have tried to come up with a theme for our angel newsletter due today.  It’s been difficult. —I had the honor and privilege of being able to interview the last survivor of the World Trade Center bombing, whose story ultimately appeared in my book, IN THE ARMS OF ANGELS.  […]

Book Excerpt: Moms Go Where Angels Fear to Tread

“The first party I ever threw as a newlywed was so dull that even my husband left….” Bright primary colors stimulate an infant’s intelligence, and the design on his crib sheet may determine if he is accepted into the college of his choice…” “Betsy is MY car and I’m planning to deduct her on my […]

Book Excerpt: The Power of Miracles

Excerpt from the book THE POWER OF MIRACLES by Joan Wester Anderson Vincent Tan was born Tan Ban Soon in Singapore to Chinese Buddhist parents. As a young boy, Vincent was very interested in science. One day, as he read a book on nuclear physics in the library, he discovered an offer for a Bible […]

Book Excerpt: In the Arms of the Angels

Some publishers seem to think that there is no interest left in this topic.  I would like to prove them wrong—and to open the doors for other authors who are writing along similar lines. But I really can’t do it without you (I’m getting older and more feeble, and need all the energy and help […]

Book Excerpt: Angels and Wonders

Excerpt from the book ANGELS AND WONDERS, True Accounts That Bear Witness to the Existence of Heaven by Joan Wester Anderson What goes around comes around. And Roberta Eschenbaum, a farm wife living outside Miller, South Dakota, certainly knows this to be true. She had taken a quick trip into Miller one morning, and was […]

Book Excerpt: Where Miracles Happen

Excerpt from the book WHERE MIRACLES HAPPEN by Joan Wester Anderson Rachel F. was nine or ten when she experienced something wondrous. “It was a very hot night, and I had my bedroom window open to let in the breeze,” she says. “I was supposed to already be asleep, but because it was so hot […]

Book Excerpt: Where Angels Walk

Excerpt from the book WHERE ANGELS WALK by Joan Wester Anderson It was just past midnight on December 24, 1983. The Midwest was shivering through a record-breaking cold spell, complete with gale-force winds and frozen water pipes. And although our suburban Chicago household was filled with the snug sounds of a family at rest, I […]

Book Excerpt: Angels We Have Heard on High

Excerpt from the book ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH by Joan Wester Anderson She should never have waited so long to tackle the Christmas shopping, Kimberley Little reminded herself as she shifted her bundles from one aching arm to the other. She hated shopping, hated having to brave the crowds, and sift through endless […]

Book Excerpt: Guardian Angels

Excerpt from GUARDIAN ANGELS; TRUE STORIES OF ANSWERED PRAYERS by Joan Wester Anderson It was a hot July day in 2003, and Susan Archie was in her back yard, looking at the big tractor her husband used when he cut the lawn. He had always promised to teach her how to drive it, but with […]