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GOD HEALS, Where Angels Walk, Oct.13,2013

  Hello, friends and angel-lovers.  I spent a blessed weekend with a group of Milwaukee women  who gathered for fellowship and prayer.  The day was full of sunshine and joy, especially when Bishop Donald Hying gave his inspiring talk.  All in all, especially nice for me, since I don’t travel or give speeches anymore.  I […]

Where Angels Walk, November 28, 2012,

Hello, angel friends. As we begin Advent, think for a moment of what Christmas might be like if there are no angels taking part in any of the joy! Visions, songs, prophecy, all occur when angels speak . Their roles are truly important, —Have I told you recently that if you click on an ad […]

Book Excerpt Angel Watch

“Dale’s father had been gone for more than a month when Dale went to bed one night. He lay in the darkness with that familiar hurt feeling in his stomach. Was he ever going to see his dad again? “Just then, Dale saw something glowing in the corner of his room. He sat straight up […]

Where Angels Walk, Feb 24, 2012, Youtube

Usually I send my messages in text (printed). But recently one of my favorite subscribers, Gil Bar-On sent me an awesome story which had been posted on I would not want any of you to miss this story, so I am sending it via the Internet (just click on the link below to retrieve […]

Extra story: Angels Come to Daughter, February 7 2011

Rose was getting ready for bed one evening, and had just turned off all the bedroom lamps and said her prayers. As she finished, she saw a radiant light, just ahead of her, a pinkish-gold color. Was she dreaming? Shocked, Rose watched the vision.  Where had it come from?  Rose thought of her mother, who […]

Story of the Week, March 26, 2010, I Thought You Knew Him

Those of you who help our friends, the Cayces, in Arkansas, will be happy to hear that the gym we helped them to buy now has a new roof!  No more rain leaking onto the giveaway clothes.  You are such earth angels!  The Cayces will be throwing their annual Easter party for the area’s elderly […]

Story of the Week 1/23/09

Hello, angel friends.  It’s time for another angel story.  But first the usual announcements: —My friend, Barbara Brabec, who is the guru of home-based businesses, has been Getting Organized and has assembled a terrific private catalog of books, CDs and VHS tapes on a wide variety of topics, most of which are priced between $1 and […]