Cayce Charities

WHERE ANGELS WALK, Jan 7 2012, Extra Angels?

—“I can’t stand to think what we and the poor would do without you,” wrote Joannie Cayce just a few days after Christmas. Once again, she and her extended family had managed to bring food, clothing and gifts to over 700 children in Thornton Arkansas, thanks in part to donors like you.  For those of […]

Story of the Week, March 26, 2010, I Thought You Knew Him

Those of you who help our friends, the Cayces, in Arkansas, will be happy to hear that the gym we helped them to buy now has a new roof!  No more rain leaking onto the giveaway clothes.  You are such earth angels!  The Cayces will be throwing their annual Easter party for the area’s elderly […]

Story of the Week, December 18, Christmas Comes

Hello, angel lovers.  This is the last of our stories for 2009.  Is it my imagination, or did this year fly by?  We have a serious prayer need this year: our friends, the Cayces—who we help support in Thornton, Arkansas—have a son Daniel, who is himself an earth angel.  Many of us have watched him […]

Story of the Week, August 28, 2009, Keeping Watch

Hello, angels.  Just wanted to update you on the little boy, Isaac Frank, who you all prayed for after he was seriously burned in an accident this summer.  Isaac’s story will appear in their diocesan newspaper this week, written by his mom and grandmom, and if you could see a recent photo of him, even […]

Story of the Week, August 15 2009 We Know How she Felt

Hello, friends.  Just a few announcements, as usual: —August 22nd is the 16th annual Be An Angel Day, celebrated throughout North America and several other countries.  The day encourages us to give thanks for angels by imitating them.  That is, doing acts of kindness, and helping others (anonymously if that’s possible—just like angels often do!) […]

Story of the Week May 9 2009

Hello, angel friends.  You are the best!  Lots of you sent get-well cards and notes to JoAnn Cayce who is recovering from pneumonia, and they just made her day/week/month!  I knew all I would have to do is to mention this, and you would respond.  JoAnn says she has never received this much mail, and […]

Story of the Week 3/13/09

Hello, angel friends.  Just wanted to remind you that with Easter approaching, our people in Arkansas (the JoAnn Cayce Charities) will once again be arranging an Easter egg hunt for the children there, if they receive anything to give away.  I always send some stuffed bunnies from summer garage sales, but if it’s too late […]

Story of the Week (Fire on the Road) 1-9-09

Hello, friends.  A special welcome to you newcomers.  You will discover that although a story is sent in each mailing, we usually have some announcements first, and today is no exception. —-I’ve been getting some raves on my new website/blog and I wanted to introduce you to the kind and capable woman responsible for designing […]