Difficult Times

GOD HEALS, Where Angels Walk, Oct.13,2013

  Hello, friends and angel-lovers.  I spent a blessed weekend with a group of Milwaukee women  who gathered for fellowship and prayer.  The day was full of sunshine and joy, especially when Bishop Donald Hying gave his inspiring talk.  All in all, especially nice for me, since I don’t travel or give speeches anymore.  I […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, April 21 2012

Hello, angel-lovers. —Recently a nice lady wrote to ask if we had heard about “pillowcase dresses.” She had made 50(!) and sent them to African girls, but was planning to send the next batch to the girls in Thornton, Arkansas. You need pillowcases (used ones at Goodwill, etc,) thread and some sewing ability, (which lets […]

Have a blessed and glorious Easter, and I will meet you next weekend.

Marti Stafford is a Licensed Practical nurse, and has three natural children and two stepchildren. Life has been a struggle primarily against poverty, but Marti has kept her faith and recently things had begun to change. Then in January, Marti became ill with a “mystery disease,” not too many symptoms but enough that she missed […]

Where Angels Walk, Feb 24, 2012, Youtube

Usually I send my messages in text (printed). But recently one of my favorite subscribers, Gil Bar-On sent me an awesome story which had been posted on youtube.com I would not want any of you to miss this story, so I am sending it via the Internet (just click on the link below to retrieve […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, Jan 14 2012, Lost and Found

It was almost spring, and Jeannette and Mimmo Aracri, of Newport News, Virginia, were preparing for the season.  “My husband, who is Italian, always insisted that wherever we lived, we would have to have a large back yard so he could plant his vegetable garden ,” says Jeannette.  This particular lot had all of that, […]

Storyof the Week, June 24, 2011, Garage Sale Signal

Dale found something unexpected at a garage sale.

Story of the Week, May 7, 2011, Love in the Lava

Georgia Lea Horvath and her husband, of North Bend, Washington, were grieving the loss of their 26-year-old son, Scott. The three of them had planned to visit the big island of Hawaii in November, but as the departure date approached, neither wanted to go. One day, however, Georgia thought about it again. Maybe the trip […]

Story of the Week, March 9, 2011, No Batteries Needed

Debe’s mother in law passed away in Wisconsin during January, not the easiest time of year for a funeral. With so many friends and family members traveling to say their last goodbyes, the family decided to hold a memorial service at the funeral home chapel instead of at the gravesite. “We put her photos and […]

Extra story: Angels Come to Daughter, February 7 2011

Rose was getting ready for bed one evening, and had just turned off all the bedroom lamps and said her prayers. As she finished, she saw a radiant light, just ahead of her, a pinkish-gold color. Was she dreaming? Shocked, Rose watched the vision.  Where had it come from?  Rose thought of her mother, who […]

Story of the Week October 23, 2010, Dimes from Heaven

Dimes from Heaven By Joan Anderson, October 20, 2010 We’ve all heard the song “Pennies from Heaven,” and several years ago, I wrote a story about people who were receiving pennies out of the blue—mostly lying on streets or in the bottom of their purses, but also in more random places. One young soldier was […]