Miracles Still Happen

Have a blessed and glorious Easter, and I will meet you next weekend.

Marti Stafford is a Licensed Practical nurse, and has three natural children and two stepchildren. Life has been a struggle primarily against poverty, but Marti has kept her faith and recently things had begun to change. Then in January, Marti became ill with a “mystery disease,” not too many symptoms but enough that she missed […]


Hello, friends.  Have you noticed the remarkable story now becoming noticed by the major media?  The one about the Secret Santas (or maybe angels in disguise) who are paying off the layaway accounts of people they don’t even know?  The accounts have modest balances, but the families who have been gifted in this way are […]

Where Angels Walk, by Joan Wester Anderson, Oct 15, 2011

Angels usually do their work anonymously. Life has its coincidences, but many times we are protected by our heavenly guardians, and we don’t even know it. Angie and Andy Linkhart would agree. They recently moved to the Kansas City area, and bought a brand new house in a brand new development. Angie and Andy were […]

Story of the Week, May 9, 2010, Hugs from Heaven

Do miracles happen today? The congregation at Living Water Tabernacle thinks they do.  The small congregation had planned a fish fry to celebrate their pastor’s birthday.  Brother Lee, had reminded everyone that the fish dinner was only for church members, and would start at 5 p.m.  By 7 pm, everyone would have finished eating, and […]

Story of the Week: 12/12/08

Hello, friends. Here’re some quick angel announcements, just to keep you going during this hectic season. —Ta-Da! I’m announcing the opening of my BLOG. Same email address: http://joanwanderson.com but it is easier to get around the site, you can leave comments, and we’ll be posting the Story of the Week (if I can figure that […]

Signs of the Season

One evening during the summer of 1997, Debbie Cruikshank and her 13-year-old daughter, Rachel, were lying on the floor reading magazines. Debbie turned onto her stomach—and in that moment her entire life changed. “I could feel a sharp pain inside, like I had fallen on a rock,” she recalls. Within a month she was facing […]

Multiplication Miracle

For those of you who doubt that mini-miracles take place today, please consider the feedback below regarding a request I made a few weeks ago.  A subscriber to this list, Robin Franzen, just “happened” to be in the Cedarburg, Wisconsin area (a nine-hour drive from her home) for a job interview, and just “happened” to […]

Miracles All Around

“I had to share something with you,” Willow Hale, a subscriber to our newsletter, wrote to me. “Wednesday night, February 2nd, I was in a car accident, my first in 14 years. As I drove down the street someone made a left turn into me right into the driver’s side. Even the mechanic today said […]

Heavenly Farmhands

The after-Christmas snowstorm had blanketed a wide patch of rural eastern Pennsylvania, and Chris Clark Davidson probably should have waited until the roads were plowed before she, her mother and her two small sons attempted a drive. But Chris’ grandmother lived alone more than 100 miles away and couldn’t get out to the store to […]

During All Those Days…

For several years, Cheryl McKinney had been trying to protect her precious granddaughter, Destina, from what Cheryl suspected was abuse from the adults in her home. “I was concerned about my grandson too, but Destina seemed to be the main target,” Cheryl says. Cheryl and her husband had repeatedly reported instances of abuse and neglect […]