New Book

Our Angel Newsletter, December 10 2012

Hello, friends. At this time of year, many of us do sweet things for others, even if we don’t know them. For example, many of you send toys, shoes, and other things to Cayce Charities in Thornton, Arkansas. The need is so great there that gifts are given all year. Maybe the best part is […]

“Angelic Tails”: Wet Noses, Warm Hearts

I am excited to announce the publication of my newest book, “Angelic Tails.” This book focuses on a different type of angel, our most furry, loyal protectors: dogs. “Angelic Tails” is a collection of 30 true stories from ordinary people who experienced God’s extraordinary grace through heavenly canine companions. The stories challenge readers to reconsider […]

Story of the Week, October 9 2009, Surprise from Heaven

Hello, angel friends.  I am happy to announcement the publication of my latest book, MOMS GO WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD.  Nope, it’s not really an angel book despite the title.  It’s a book of (hopefully) humorous essays on mothering (along with a prayer now and then.)  My editor felt that much of today’s humor […]