Stepping out in faith

WHERE ANGELS WALK, January 20 2013,

While living in Turkey, Madeline Cornett and her husband began to visit a Protestant church on Sundays. “I attended with people from an American Air Force base,” she says. “The church was in Iskenderun, and when the Turkish congregation saw us arriving each week, they would break into songs that we knew. They sang in […]

Our Angel Newsletter, December 10 2012

Hello, friends. At this time of year, many of us do sweet things for others, even if we don’t know them. For example, many of you send toys, shoes, and other things to Cayce Charities in Thornton, Arkansas. The need is so great there that gifts are given all year. Maybe the best part is […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, Jan 14 2012, Lost and Found

It was almost spring, and Jeannette and Mimmo Aracri, of Newport News, Virginia, were preparing for the season.  “My husband, who is Italian, always insisted that wherever we lived, we would have to have a large back yard so he could plant his vegetable garden ,” says Jeannette.  This particular lot had all of that, […]


Hello, friends.  Have you noticed the remarkable story now becoming noticed by the major media?  The one about the Secret Santas (or maybe angels in disguise) who are paying off the layaway accounts of people they don’t even know?  The accounts have modest balances, but the families who have been gifted in this way are […]