Stories About Teenagers

Story of the Week, January 9, 2010, My Valentine

When Valentine’s Day approaches, we think of romantic love.  But that’s not the only kind, as Alice Hennig would point out.  She was seventeen when her family moved to a new area in Edmonton, Alberta.  One cold Sunday afternoon in February, her parents were entertaining some relatives, and Alice decided to visit a friend from […]

Story of the Week April 9 2009

Hello, angel friends.  Before sending you an Easter poem, I’d like to share a blog that I received from Ron McConnell of Xzone Radio.  He had been going through a difficult period, as we all do from time to time, and was wondering if the stress would ever lift.  “I was working downstairs in my […]

Story of the Week 3/13/09

Hello, angel friends.  Just wanted to remind you that with Easter approaching, our people in Arkansas (the JoAnn Cayce Charities) will once again be arranging an Easter egg hunt for the children there, if they receive anything to give away.  I always send some stuffed bunnies from summer garage sales, but if it’s too late […]

Red-Haired Angel

Tony Dale believes that angels are presented to us in our world in many different ways. Some are mysterious strangers who can never be found again and some are regular people who just “happen” to be there at the right time. Which was his? It’s up to you. Tony was a lost and confused 22 […]

Iowa Angel

Sean McDermott lives in Long Beach, California, now, but he and his six brothers and sisters were raised in Monticello, Iowa, about 35 miles from Cedar Rapids. He wrote to share a story about his sister Kelley. “Kelley has epilepsy,” Sean says, “and at the time, she was in nursing school in Cedar Rapids and […]

A Father’s Day Blessing

I’m sure all of us who had good fathers give great thanks for them. And let us hope that dads who are separated from their children are consoled in their loneliness. Vince knows how they feel. A few years ago he went through a divorce, and his wife took their four teenaged children to live […]