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Story of the Week, One More Butterfly, July 17, 2010

Hello, friends.  Before our story today, we need an update on the Cayce ministry.  For those of you new to this list, several years ago we Earth Angels adopted an entire town, Thornton, Arkansas. I had read about Joann Cayce, and the work she and her family have done for 45 years with the poor […]

Story of the Week, March 12, 2010, Angel Collectors

As you know, I do an occasional blog for and I thought you might like to see this one. If you’ve already seen it, my apologies. I was working on my latest writing project, a book about angels, and having strong doubts. It was August, 1991, and there hadn’t been much national interest in […]

Story of the Week, December 18, Christmas Comes

Hello, angel lovers.  This is the last of our stories for 2009.  Is it my imagination, or did this year fly by?  We have a serious prayer need this year: our friends, the Cayces—who we help support in Thornton, Arkansas—have a son Daniel, who is himself an earth angel.  Many of us have watched him […]

Podcast #2: Joan on Spirited Talk Today

Podcast #2: Joan on Spirited Talk Today – run time 23:17

Podcast #1: Joan on Spirited Talk Today

Podcast #1: Joan on Spirited Talk Today – run time 22:45

How sick is sick?

From With the seasonal blast of flu viruses—and many doctors’ offices still without the vaccine— is there anything we can do to avoid getting sick?  A few nights ago, the TV news featured a rabbi explaining that hugs had been discontinued at his synagogue for fear of members passing the virus to one another.  […]

Story of the Week, September 11, 2009 Remembering

—All through this day, 9/11/09, I have tried to come up with a theme for our angel newsletter due today.  It’s been difficult. —I had the honor and privilege of being able to interview the last survivor of the World Trade Center bombing, whose story ultimately appeared in my book, IN THE ARMS OF ANGELS.  […]

Review of “Angels and Demons” movie

I hesitated to review the movie Angels and Demons for I hadn’t read the book; I hadn’t even read author Dan Brown’s wildly popular The Da Vinci Code, nor seen the film based on it. Given this lack of background, I wondered if it would be unwise to review the new Angels and Demons […]

Story of the Week July 3 2009, Give it to God

Hello, friends.  Hope you are enjoying the arrival of summer. Just a couple of announcements: –For those of you who have been thinking about writing to Extreme Makeovers to submit JoAnn Cayce’s name for a new roof for their gym, here is how you do that: Go to and click on the right-hand side […]

This Old House

As the moving van pulled away from our front door that day, I could hardly believe that we had purchased our very first home (and, as Spouse very definitely assured me sometime later), our last. Modest, unassuming and wearing a woebegone look stemming from years of neglect, it was nevertheless something we had dreamed of […]