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Angelic Tails’ Halloween Costume Contest

Are you dressing up your dog for Halloween? If so, send us a picture, and you could be eligible to win four of Joan Wester Anderson’s books in Angelic Tails’ Halloween Costume Contest! Submit any past and present pictures of your pooch, from a Popeye-d poodle to a Dracula-fied dachshund. We’ll pick the top five […]

Story of the Week, April 24, 2010, Are You the One?

Hi, friends. I am busy mailing books to those of you who want them for Mother’s Day. Check the website, http://joanwanderson.com to order, as we still have a few days left. And now the story: Fran H. has been subscribing to this newsletter since it began, because she is a big fan of angels and […]

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Story of the Week, November 19, Near Miss

Hello, angel lovers. During this special time of year, TV and Hollywood seem to suspend the usual crime and violence and concentrate on heartwarming programs, both the old favorites and new G-rated entries which may turn out to be classics.  The problem is remembering when such fare appears, and gathering the family together to watch […]