Where Angels Walk, November 28, 2012,

Hello, angel friends. As we begin Advent, think for a moment of what Christmas might be like if there are no angels taking part in any of the joy! Visions, songs, prophecy, all occur when angels speak . Their roles are truly important, —Have I told you recently that if you click on an ad […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, Jan 22, 2012, The Voice

Rose Williamson, of San Francisco, said goodbye to her girlfriend, who stepped off the bus and disappeared into the night.  The two young women had seen a movie together after work, and were taking the bus home, as they often did.  It was dark and by now the streets were quiet, but even though Rose’s […]

WHERE ANGELS WALK, Jan 14 2012, Lost and Found

It was almost spring, and Jeannette and Mimmo Aracri, of Newport News, Virginia, were preparing for the season.  “My husband, who is Italian, always insisted that wherever we lived, we would have to have a large back yard so he could plant his vegetable garden ,” says Jeannette.  This particular lot had all of that, […]