Weather Problems

Story of the Week, January 9, 2010, My Valentine

When Valentine’s Day approaches, we think of romantic love.  But that’s not the only kind, as Alice Hennig would point out.  She was seventeen when her family moved to a new area in Edmonton, Alberta.  One cold Sunday afternoon in February, her parents were entertaining some relatives, and Alice decided to visit a friend from […]

Story of the Week (Fire on the Road) 1-9-09

Hello, friends.  A special welcome to you newcomers.  You will discover that although a story is sent in each mailing, we usually have some announcements first, and today is no exception. —-I’ve been getting some raves on my new website/blog and I wanted to introduce you to the kind and capable woman responsible for designing […]

Paying it Forward

Mary Joyce’s husband is in the Army, and many years ago, when he received orders for Korea, the family decided to drive from Virginia back to Idaho. Mary’s in-laws were there, so she and the children would not be alone. Most of the trip was normal, and went smoothly, as Mary and her husband shared […]

Messenger for Mary Beth

Mary Beth Cole had completed her training as a long distance truck driver, and was on a trip with her husband, Wayne. “Think you can take over for awhile?” Wayne asked, yawning. “I need some rest.” “Sure.” Mary Beth’s only fear was driving in the rain. But on this wintry day, weather conditions on the […]

Kept Safe

Over the Christmas holidays, Cynthia Cross and her daughter Sue decided to drive the nearly 900-mile journey from Denver, Colorado, to St. Louis, Missouri, to see their extended family. This could be a risky journey at this time of year, they knew, because the weather was unpredictable. But they missed their loved ones. “We’ll bring […]

Just in Time

Joann Farrell in Yorktown Heights, New York, recounts the time her husband had just come out of heart surgery and her kids had moved to New York City, leaving her with sole snow-removal duties. Neighbors helped, but one day, in March of 1996, it was just too much. A major storm. And out there in […]

Just a Tidbit

Did you see the story about the woman in Pueblo, Colorado, who was driving her SUV home from her job at Wendy’s, and got caught in a flash flood? She lost control, and several people watched in horror as the SUV spun and began to sink with the woman trapped inside (all her windows were […]

It Never Hurts to Ask

Beth Dewey of Orlando, Florida, sent a letter to the editor of her local paper, just after Hurricane Charley had passed through the area in 2005. As she explained, her father is dying of cancer and could not possibly go to a shelter, so Beth, her mother and Dad decided to ride out the storm […]

The Best Gift

A few days after Christmas, Kathy and Phil Lindstrom went to a party near their home in suburban Chicago. Over a foot of snow had fallen and temperatures were plummeting, but they dressed foolishly—light coats, no hats and Kathy in high heels. It was after 2 a.m. when they started home in their pickup truck. […]

Do Angels Work in Snowstorms?

Eighteen-year-old Donna Funkhouser worked various hours in a large grocery store. One particular night, she was on the late shift. By ten o’clock, when the store closed, snow and ice were coating the parking lot. The employees scurried to their cars, and quickly drove away. All but Donna. Her car wouldn’t start. Over and over, […]